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Rory's Discography by Kimmo Hagelberg
From Richard Osseweyer

For quite a few years, I worked in the entertainment industry as a lighting director and sound engineer. I worked as the US lighting designer/director for Rory Gallagher, one of the true rock and roll guitar virtuosos, for several of those years. While browsing the web, I encountered some other pages devoted to Rory, located in Europe, so I decided to make some of the information and memorabilia I acquired available at a US Web site. I have to admit, for some of the early tours I neglected to save anything, not a stage pass, picture, itinerary, not a thing. However, I do have some material that I did save from some of the later tours and will put it out as I have time. Included are tour dates from 1979, 1982-83, dates from a 1979 European tour, plus some pictures I took of Rory, and other bits and pieces.

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Rory Gallagher - 1949 - 1995

RORY GALLAGHER - Born March 2, 1948, Ballyshannon, Ireland

Rory Gallagher was an Irish blues and rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. Born in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, on 2 March, 1948, he grew up in the city of Cork. Based in London during most of his 30 year career, he toured extensively, sold 30 million records, and had a worldwide following of loyal fans. He died in London at the early age of 47, on 14 June 1995, from complications following a liver transplant. Although he had suffered health problems for some time, he toured until falling seriously ill late in 1994.

He played in pickup bands until leaving school at age 15 and toured in the early Sixties with the Fontana Showband. By the time the group broke up in 1965, they were called the Impact. Gallagher then began working regularly in Hamburg, Germany, and in Ireland with bassist Charlie Mc-Cracken and drummer John Wilson in a power trio he called Taste. They moved to London in 1969 and released the first of several guitar showcase LPs, which were met with some enthusiasm in the U.K. and Europe. Taste specialized in heavy-metal versions of blues and country chestnuts like "Sugar Mama." While Taste were big and made Gallagher Irelands first real rock star, they never reached the level of the Jimi Hendrix Experience or Cream. Taste split in 1970 and he formed his own band with a more subtle approach.

He conducted a successful solo career, with increasing emphasis on his own material. He toured regularly in the U.S., Britain and Europe; he carved a niche for himself as a no-frills, no-nonsense man of the people. A perennial live favorite, he hauled his battered Stratocaster, a bass player, drummer and minimal road crew round the European circuit, achieving widespread popularity and acclaim during the '70s. A 1974 Irish tour was the subject of a documentary by director Tony Palmer. In America, where he was less well known, Gallagher has mounted no less than 25 full-scale college and theatre tours over the years.

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Rory Gallagher "TOP PRIORITY" Press Release

Rory Gallagher is the man who spearheaded the Irish rock movement and as always his direction and musical plans will attract great interest and speculation especially in the light of the current surge of new Irish talent.
In 1978, Gallagher disbanded his then current four piece band and pared his sound back to a threepiece to record the hard driving "Photo-Finish" album, with Iong time bassist Gerry McAvoy and former Sensational Alex Harvey drummer, Ted McKenna in support.
In addition to recording with a new line up, Rory also was producing with fellow Irishman and engineer Alan O'Duffy (whose previous collaborations have included engineering with Wings and the Rolling Stones) and in a studio new to both, Dieter Dierk's in Cologne, Germany. The results showed him moving away from the jazzier inflections he had explored own "Calling Card" towards a more elemental hard rock sound, and constituted an achievement of remarkable poise and power, especially considering how fresh McKenna was to the band.
"Top Priority", his fourth album for Chrysalis, shows Gallagher and band one year on, welded together by the stage, into as fierce and powerful a three piece as has been our pleasure to hear: it also finds them completely at home in Dierks' studio, with Alan O'Duffy at the controls.
With the combined skills of Rory and O'Duffy coalescing even more surely on production, never before has the guitarist found such a sympathetic setting for his musical genius. The directions suggested by "Photo Finish" and particularly by tracks like "Shadow Play" is taken to its logical peak here with a whole new collection of Gallagher classics. In addition to being surefire live killers, songs like "Follow Me" and "Philby" are also perfectly suited to radio play and are so littered with hooks and immediately indentifiable choruses that they're potentially major hits in their own right.
Utterly without premeditation Rory has captured the mood of the times and made what has the potential to become his biggest seller ever. This is rock music for now and forever: it is both urgent and enduring.
There is a poetic justice in Gallagher's realisation of his mighty powers in this, his last LP of the 70's in that blues music from which he has derived much of his inspiration, is more influential and creatively confident than at any time since the turn of the decade.
Rory himself has often been acknowledged as one of the finest blues musicians treading the boards: a guitar virtuoso and among the finest slide players in the world, he has received the rare acolade of being invited to play with the people that he regarded as his own seminal influences, like blues master Muddy Waters, rocker Jerry Lee Lewis, and British skiffle pioneer Lonnie Donegan.
All his musical passions, from blues and R 'n' B. to rock and roll and country music are fused in the playing on "Top Priority" not to mention more esoteric flourishes such as the Gaelic tinged electric sitar on "Philby". In addition his Iyrics and vocals bear the stamp of authority, making this his most substantial album ever as well as his most exciting. "Top Priority' as the title suggests, is a work of remarkable strength and immediacy. It is Rory Gallagher's distillation of his achievements in the '70s and his manifesto for the 80's. With music like this we'll be coming back for more, every time.

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Rory Gallagher Stage Passes

These are just a few images of stage passes I saved over the years. I will add some more as soon as I have time to scan them.

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Rory's Discography

Rory Gallagher Discography--- The discography found at this site was compiled by Kimmo Hagelberg, S.M. Donarde and Sergio Seghetti. Many thanks for the link.

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These items contributed by
Richard Osseweyer

A poster from Rory's 1995 concert in Rotterdam. The front of the T-shirt Richard bought at the show. The back of the T-shirt Richard bought at the show.

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Links to other Rory Gallagher pages

The Rory Gallagher HomePage, a page from Hamburg Germany devoted to one of the greatest blues/rock guitarists. This link is sometimes down and is slow but worth the wait.

Rory Gallagher Home Page, More or less the officially sanctioned site. Recognized by Rory's Management and provided with news and information about the late musician.

Rory Gallagher: Defender of the Blues one of the very last interviews he did. It was conducted in the midst of his _Fresh Evidence_ tour of North America by Anil Prasad.

These photos of Rory I have used as icons are from my private collection - taken during an American tour during the mid 1970's while I was working as his lighting designer.
I will be adding other pages to this site with information and pictures from my years in the entertainment business as time permits.

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Below I have listed the dates for the tours I still have itinerarys for. I have listed the city and the venue for the show, and the date and year. Please remember that I may not have all the dates for each tour, itinerarys can change while out on the road, and I have at least a few pages from the European itinerary that are missing.

Tour Dates Summer 1979 USA
City, State
Aug 22 New Orleans, Louisiana Old Man River
Aug 23 Austin, Texas Armadillo World Headquarters
Aug 24 Houston, Texas Texas Opry House
Aug 25 Dallas, Texas Palladium
Aug 28 St.Louis, Missouri Mississippsi Knights
Aug 29 Memphis, Tennessee Poet's Music Hall
Aug 30 Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee Theater
Aug 31 Atlanta, Georgia Agora Club
Sept 1 Atlanta, Georgia Agora Club
Sept 4 New York, New York Bottom Line
Sept 5 New York, New York Bottom Line
Sept 6 New York, New York Bottom Line
Sept 7 Roslyn, New York My Father's Place
Sept 8 Roslyn, New York My Father's Place
Sept 10 Boston, Massachusettes The Paradise
Sept 11 Boston, Massachusettes The Paradise
Sept 12 Hartford, Connecticut Hard Rock Cafe
Sept 13 Albany, New York J. B. Scott's
Sept 14 Toronto, Canada El Macambo
Sept 15 Toronto, Canada El Macambo

Tour Dates Fall 1979Europe
City, Country
Sept 24 Nuremberg, Germany Hemmerleinhalle
Sept 25 Hof, Germany Stadt-Hof
Sept 26 Boeblingen, Germany Sporthalle
Sept 28 Munich, Germany Circus Krone
Sept 29 Munich, Germany Circus Krone
Oct 1 Bremen, Germany Stadthalle
Oct 18 Sittard, Holland Schouwburg
Oct 19 Den Bosch, Holland Brabanathal
Oct 20 Utrecht, Holland Vredenburg
Oct 21 Zwolle, Holland Ijsselhal
Oct 22 Nigmegen, Holland Vereeniging
Oct 24 Wolfesburg, Germany Stadthalle, Wolfsburg
Oct 27 Stockholm, Sweden Concert House
Oct 28 Gothenburg, Sweden Concert House
Oct 29 Oslo, Norway Chateau Neuf
Oct 30 Copenhagen, Denmark Tivoli

The above dates for the European Tour are as correct as possible, I am missing pages from the itinerary. The Munich dates may not be correct, however, The Octoberfest celebration was on in Munich at the time. I have a great story about Tom O'Driscoll during the Munich shows I will recount later.

Tour Dates Winter 1979USA
City, State
Nov 14 Montreal, Canada Le Plateau
Nov 15 Rochester, New York The Theater
Nov 16 Albany, New York
Nov 17 New York, New York The Palladium
Nov 18 Lake Placid, New York The Olympic Arena
Nov 20 New Haven, Connecticut Toad's
Nov 21 Brown Mills, New Jersey Alexander's
Nov 23 Boston, Massachusettes Rainbow Music Hall
Nov 24 Passaic, New Jersey The Capitol Theater
Nov 25 Youngstown, Ohio The Agora
Nov 26 Cleveland, Ohio The Agora
Nov 27 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania The Stanley Auditorium
Nov 28 Cincinnati, Ohio The Palace Theater
Nov 29 Columbus, Ohio The Veteran's Memorial
Nov 30 Detroit, Michigan The Royal Oak Theater
Dec 2 Shamsburg, Illinois Beginnings
Dec 4 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Auditorium
Dec 5 Madison , Wisconsin Dane County Coliseum
Dec 6 Le Crosse, Wisconsin M. Sawyer Auditorium
Dec 8 Dekalef, Illinois University Field House
Dec 9 Cedar Rapids The Four Seasons Coliseum
Dec 10 Chicago, Illinois Park West
Dec 11 St. Louis, Missouri The Opry House
Dec 12 Kansas City, Missouri The Memorial Auditorium
Dec 14 San Francisco, California The Old Waldorf
Dec 15 San Francisco, California The Old Waldorf
Dec 17 Portland, Oregon The Paramount Theater
Dec 18 Seattle, Washington The Paramount Theater
Dec 19 San Diego, California The Roxy Theater
Dec 20 Los Angeles, California The Stardust Ballroom

The dates in the above table are as correct as I can decipher the scratching out on the itinerary. I remember that this tour had many changes in dates and cities as the tour went on. Part of the dates were in support of Jefferson Starship and everytime we could add a Headlining date for Rory, we did. If there are mistakes in the above table I apologize and hope someone out there can correct my info.

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